Using the Environment to Improve Your Life

high tension towerThere are thousands of things in your environment that have an impact on the way you work and live. Some of those things you can see such as furniture, walls, decorative objects, streets and rivers. Others you can not see such as electromagnetic fields, heat and cold, odors, the wind, chemicals and the like. These environmental situations  affect your ability to think, be healthy, and have good relationships. Your success in business and your quality of life can be improved with the enhanced opportunities Feng Shui provides.

Feng Shui takes what is found in the environment and uses it for your advantage. By creating appropriate landscapes and roads Feng Shui brings energy to your door. What is this energy? Every thing in our world is full of energy. Think of it as food. We all need food to survive. The higher the quality of the food the better our health. Since energy is all around us in many forms all we have to do is gather it for our benefit. The practiced Feng Shui consultant is trained to recognize and direct this energy for you.

lobster stew and veggies

When that energy arrives at your door then what? Let’s go back to the food analogy. If the food is on your plate but you never open your mouth to eat it then it does you no good. If your door is in the wrong place, or the wrong size, or is blocked in some way the food doesn’t get in. The trained Feng Shui consultant knows where the door should be and how it should be designed to best benefit you. 

Ok, now you have to swallow and digest the food. If your body isn’t working properly you will get little benefit even if the food is of high quality. If the interior of your building is improperly designed and blocks the flow of energy or allows the energy to move too swiftly then you do not benefit. A trained Feng Shui consultant understands how to transport the energy throughout the building.

path with trees

So, Feng Shui manages energy. It manipulates that energy through the design of outdoor and indoor spaces. It provides you with a strong and healthy environment. This allows you to take advantage of the opportunities that arise from good building health and good personal health. You can make better decisions about your business and life, have more harmonious relationships with employees and co- workers and with family and friends.

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