What is Feng Shui

Here you will find information on Feng Shui, what it is, when and why you should be interested. The services page tells you some of the projects we are involved with. Please contact me for more information on your particular project.

This is your opportunity to transform your environment and shape a better business and life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is translated as wind and water. And like those elemental forces, it can shape our existence. Traditional Feng Shui observes the relationship between people, their surroundings-both natural and built, and the aspect of time. An analysis includes attention to the effects of roadways, waterways, land forms and nearby structures on and around your property, be that a business, residence or development. Building orientation and layout, interior design, placement of departments, goods and people are important considerations. The manner in which these elements relate to each other express whether they team up to work for you or against you.

A Feng Shui consultation is your opportunity to transform your environment and shape a better business and life.

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